Integrated Feedback

Results + Interpretation + Exploration = Design Your Life’s Pursuit

In the same way graduation is referred to as commencement, this is the commencement of the journey to finding your career. It’s a start. A beginning. Even though this might be the last time we meet in person, think of it as the launch pad to your future that begins with us and ends with you in a deeply satisfying and well aligned career.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

Significant Decisions

Career exploration and research is important because sometimes a career may sound really good, but it isn’t that great in real life. After some additional exploration you’ll be able to make a better, more informed decision.
Here’s what you will receive during the integrated feedback session:


  • Interpretation and discussion of the most interesting paths so you can reflect on how you can best contribute your talents and ambitions
  • Validation of your unique blend of talents and interests as it relates to the possible job and/or college-related choices you’re facing
  • An extensive report detailing career clusters tailored specifically to you
  • Insight into your best educational courses of study: classes, majors, and minors
  • An action plan of next steps
  • Satisfaction in knowing that whatever you choose will be more precise than simply guessing about a career or college major

Useful Insight and Clarity of Career Options

Our Integrated Career Report is both extensive and easy to understand. After we review it together in collaborative dialogue, you’ll be equipped with a meaningful list of interesting, viable careers to research and consider more deeply.

Your custom report includes 5-10 career clusters that closely match your strengths and interests. Within each cluster, we identify 6-8 occupations—that’s over 50 viable career options! We’ll review and narrow down to a focused list only for you. And you’ll appreciate the clarity it provides.

Success Stories

Our goal is to guide career and college trajectory for our clients and comments like these edify our mission and purpose:

Awesome Options!


“What I liked about the process is that everything went pretty smoothly…it wasn’t difficult at all and I really liked my results. I found Virtual Job Shadow helpful, especially when exploring careers related to my strengths.”
– Marisol, Student

Good Information


“I think it helped me realize that I have a lot of options for college and future jobs.”
– Joel, Student

Cool Process


“This was a cool process and I believe it helped me know myself a bit better. I liked talking about careers and learning what adults do. My coach was nice and helpful. I’ll definitely use the results in the coming months and years.”
– Paxton, Student