About Us


Let’s Go There Together

Essentially, we are your experienced guide. We are professionals who have chosen to invest our talents and abilities into optimizing the career guidance process for people like you. Realizing Aptitudes provides a novel kind of career advice at a pivotal time in your lives— the transition from high school to what’s next.

We love it!

We combine deep, academic knowledge from years of comprehensive research with decades of practical experience to help you discover what you bring to the world. All of our coaches possess hearts to serve and minds to guide.

Matching Your Strengths to Career Options
We know you will face a number of challenges and junctions just ahead and we are here to support you through. Your aptitudes and interests act like your natural compass and point us to your true north. By combining specific assessments with personal coaching and interpretation of the results, our program design helps you better recognize rewarding career paths. From there, you can design your life’s pursuit. (Not quite magical, but pretty darn close.)

“Discovery is seeing what everybody has seen,
and thinking what nobody thought.”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Background & Research

Realizing Aptitudes, a nonprofit organization, is rooted in the science of career fit. We’ve spent the last several years conducting targeted, scholarly research on career development.

After exhaustive review and analysis, we determined the most relevant concepts related to what informs career trajectory and ‘best fit’. Our objective was to identify the key factors that support you in choosing a satisfying career.

Now we know.

Finding Your Sweet Spot
The greatest advantage comes from merging interests (what you enjoy) with unique abilities (what you’re good at). It is the intersection of the two that’s important—your sweet spot. This is where you will be most productive, engaged and satisfied over the long term.

Additionally, research demonstrates that your ability to effectively manage stress is essential to success in everyday life. Therefore, we consider your individual coping strategies when navigating difficult transitional periods. Life can be tough sometimes. You know it. We know it. And by engaging in a dialogue about different ways to cope with stress, we can highlight your unique strengths as resources of motivation and resiliency.

Realizing Aptitudes is concerned about the substantial gap that exists in career guidance options available to youth. And we acknowledge that college isn’t for everyone. With our improved approach, we:

  • Really get to know you
  • Use reliable and valid surveys
  • Value individualized methods and processes
  • Work one-on-one for as many sessions as needed

Our mission is to help identify meaningful, best-fit careers. All of our coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and we consistently attend and present at academic conferences. (The National Career Development Association is our mothership!)

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi