Many know the benefits of working with an Athletic Coach. The coach evaluates athletes’ current skill levels, identifies the position where they would best contribute their skills, help to build those skills, and motivate and support them to give it their best.

But, what about working with a Career Coach? The benefits are actually pretty similar! If you are considering career coaching for yourself or for a student that is beginning their career exploration, below are 5 benefits to expect from working with a Career Coach.



  1. Conquer Uncertainty, Reduce Anxiety

The pool of potential careers to pursue is overwhelming to say the least. Most high school students probably haven’t examined the multitude of work options available and consequently, may only choose to pursue what they’ve heard of through family, friends, or personal experiences.

A career coach will really get to know the student, their likes and dislikes, and discuss any nervousness the student may have about their path beyond high school, prior to giving any career assessments. This allows the student to feel supported and open so they can fully begin the career exploration journey.

  1. Uncover Career Interests, Abilities, and Values

Working with a career coach will help the student to uncover the unique career interests, abilities, and personal and work values that they bring to the table. Not only does this help them get to know themselves, but also provides a foundation to explore meaningful, rewarding careers paths.

  1. Identify and Explore Careers that Fit

With an uncertain economy and the high cost of education, today’s students are feeling tremendous pressure to choose a major or career based on the salary. However, making a decision based on money alone can have miserable consequences and may cost more in the long run.

A career coach will work with the student to identify a broad range of career options that align with their abilities, interests and character. They will learn specific tasks involved with the job, the requirements to get there, and discuss whether it would be a good fit.

  1. Enhanced Ambition and Empowerment

Having a clear idea of a career path to pursue provides a “big picture” purpose for students to persevere through the day-to-day effort it takes to get there.  Many students plummet and drift if no commitment to an academic/career direction is made within a reasonable amount of time. With increased independence comes increased choices (e.g. sleep in or go to class).

Identifying career goals will give the student a sense of purpose and drive to make the hard decisions that will pay off in the long-run. Working with a coach, the student will recognize that the power is in their hands to attain the life and career that they want.

  1. Enhanced Sense of Well-being

Working with a career coach, you will learn about your strengths and how you can leverage them to work towards a satisfying career…and life! Some career coaches will also discuss resources for managing the (slightly stressful) transitions to adult life.

At Realizing Aptitudes, our coaches discuss resources the student currently uses to manage stress, other coping resources that are helpful, and the importance of maintaining a balance for good self-care. Through utilizing their strengths and building an awareness of coping resources, the student could potentially enjoy an overall increased sense of well-being.


Ashley Flynn, M.A.
Career Coach & Outreach Coordinator

Known for her optimism and zest, Ashley empowers young adults to discover and shine a light on the best parts of who they are, identify ways they can positively contribute to the world, and plan for thoughtful next steps along their journey. Ashley earned a Master's in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelors from Florida State University. When she's not at work, you can find her enjoying live music, hiking, running, or skiing in the beautiful state of Colorado.