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Together, We Can Do So Much

We value collaboration with other professionals in order to provide the best and most needed resources to students so that they can become healthy, fulfilled adults. Working together, we can improve services and enhance our reach to students far past our individual roles; everyone benefits. At Realizing Aptitudes, we strive to fill an individualized career guidance gap wherever it exists.

Our approach is academically oriented and utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Flexible. Professional. Impactful.
Each client receives a customized report that shows an array of careers that are best fitted to the unique individual they are. We are committed to working with clients for as long as they need. Our coaches have flexible hours and reliable transportation so they can meet clients at times/places that are convenient to them.

“There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.” – Erik Erikson

Career Trajectory

Lasting Commitment

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”
– Gloria Steinem

Today’s Students Are Tomorrow’s Leaders

We enable youth and young adults to identify and pursue the best opportunities uniquely suited to them in order to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. We are committed to working shoulder-to-shoulder with schools and nonprofit organizations in order to provide greater access to our services and have a larger impact on our communities.

Our coaches know that all students need to be met where they’re at and that each circumstance is unique. Moreover, they know that helping youth identify their strengths and build a vision of what’s possible for their future is indispensable. We are committed to working with them for as long as necessary to achieve that goal.

The Importance of Wellness
Explicit instruction and practice of social and emotional skills is a protective factor to safeguard against stress. We offer a package of activities that promote social-emotional learning, which includes collaborative workshops, follow-up activities, and 1:1 coaching. We aim to help each student learn to effectively manage stress as they develop career and college readiness.

We want to make sure that financial considerations are not a barrier for anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and design their life’s pursuit. Contact us learn more about how we can help your organization or school best support students in realizing their full potential.

Success Stories

Our coaches work with students to develop a vision for not only their careers, but for their futures as well. And our partners agree that our results are effective:

Professional Results


“It was refreshing to see young people match their interests and likes with possible careers. They had more options and seemed more hopeful for the future.”
– Tom, Executive Coach

Priceless Guidance


“Realizing Aptitudes is one of the most well thought out career programs for youth.”
– Brian, Director of Learning

Opened Opportunities


“Through the test suite and coaching, our scholars were given an opportunity to learn about several careers that are a good fit, many of which they didn’t think were possible.”
– Sabrina, Executive Director